Glam Air Natural Olive Oil Squalene (Oil Derived) for Natural Dry Skin Hydration! Reverse Aging Now!

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  • An Innovative light weight moisturizer made from olive extract helps soften        skin while giving it a dewy glow. Add radiance and luminous to any Glam Air       shade. Spray 1-2 drops after you have completed applying your make-up         to top off your look for a glowing complexion. You may also spray 1-2 drops       before your foundation on dry areas only, or mix a few drops into your daily       wear shades for dry skin.
  • Reverse mature skin. Revitalize NOW!
  • Replenishes Dry Skin
  • Boosts Cell Regeneration and Oxygenation
  • Post Chemical Peel Treatment (soothing & Repairing)